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Kit Cat Cards produces simple cards for a variety of occasions. We want to create cards for reasons you might not even have thought of yet. Like ‘Let’s go camping’ or ‘Congratulations on your 2.1’ for a marathon runner. We listen to our customers and take on suggestions for new designs and add them to our portfolio.


We like to keep things simple. A small business has small overheads and a more personal service can be provided, keeping quantity low and quality high.


Our cards are all printed on simple white medium thickness card, with a simple white envelope. There is no special plastic finish on our cards and they are 100% recyclable. We believe cards can be special without harming our planet. We don’t use cellophane wrapping, plastic, or glitter in any of our designs. This is because plastic is bad and we don’t want it on our conscious or yours.


We don’t use recycled card currently because our aim is also to keep our ink printing low per design, so we need our cards white background to be a strong pure white to allow the design to pop-out from the page without the need for a glossy overlay. Although we are looking for recycled card that will satisfy these needs in the future.


Our cards are printed to order, so we have almost no waste due to not having to warehouse or have to destroy card stock that doesn’t sell. This also means we can add any text or design changes you need because every card is made especially for you.


Our business is still small, but we are growing every year and our future aims and the main reason for existing is to become profitable enough to send a portion of our profits back into supporting our environment. We would love to hear your thoughts on what the best charitable causes would be, but our current aim in the next year to start to contribute a portion of our profits to supporting our rainforests, so we can offset any harm printing on our cards may be contributing to the environment.

White Branch


I am an independent artist who designs and sells greeting cards. The cards you buy here are designed, printed and shipped directly from me, an artist based in Oxfordshire, UK.


We care about the environment and so our cards are printed onto white card with white envelopes. No frills, glitter, and no plastic wrappers. We like to keep things simple.

Our cards are printed to order, and so our waste is kept to a minimum. We print using an inkjet printer, with a matte type finish. Money-back guarantee on all our cards if you are not satisfied with our service.