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Top 10 cute cat Halloween outfit ideas for 2020

There is still time to get your fluffy friend their outfit for your Halloween party. Here are some of our favourite Halloween costumes designed for cats. I am sure you will agree they are just purrfect.

Whether you plan a trip to the store, order online, or make your own cosplay style cat outfit… we think this selection of outfits will give you some inspiration for how to have fun and inflict some mild irritation to your cat (or small dog), this Halloween. With cosplay cancelled a few times already this year due to COVID-19, I know what my socially distanced plans are for this Halloween… and my cats are not going to like it.

Saying all that… I have to add that I have excluded costumes that I wouldn’t put my own cats into, so no full-body outfits that seem hot and cruel, and no outfits that cover the face or that would seem distressing to be wearing for long time periods.

Our top 10 Halloween cat costumes:

1.Bat wings

There are a few sellers around selling essentially a felt batwing and a velcro collar, you can pick this up on eBay at a reasonable price. What I love about this option is that is simple but effective, you might even be able to create this effect with cardboard and turn it into a quick project for the kids.

2.Lion mane

The Lion mane for cats is super cute, one of the cutest costumes I have seen. This is why although lions are not technically part of the typical Halloween collection, I think these cat ‘wigs’ deserve a spot on this list. I do think they look a bit hot and annoying for the cat, so you might not have long to get the cute pictures before you take it off, unless your cat is cold, or very passive.

3. Hooded cloak

Wizard outfit… I think that matches with witches. Cloaks on cats are super cute, They are easy to make because the fabric designs are simple shapes and they can be easily attached to collars without causing too much fuss for the cat.

5. Spider costume

There are a few spider costumes online for cat Halloween outfits. But I think this outfit would also be easy to make with some pipe-cleaners attached to the main fabric spider body that could attach to a collar. I have seen YouTube videos of this with dogs, and they look very scary, great potential for a Halloween prank on friends and family too. I would imagine the cat might also enjoy playing with the spider feet.

6. Halloween Bandana

I love the idea of a little Bandana, although this might sound a bit simple, you can find some great spooky fabric designs on eBay or purchase ready-made pet Bandanas. This is a nice idea because you might be able to keep the pet in the costume for longer if it is less intrusive on their mobility.

7. Pumpkin or bowtie collar

Just adding some embellishments to your cat's collar such as adding a bow-tie or a collar with a pumpkin on it might just be enough, also if they escape outside while still wearing their outfit, they are likely not to cause harm to the outfit and themselves. Our larger cat wore a bow tie for months without any issues, I think he quite liked the attention.

8. Halloween cat collars

I am going to get some of these… safety collars pre-printed with cute Halloween prints. Your cat can wear these for the whole Halloween period, not just for Halloween.

9. Custom Halloween cat beds

Cats don’t have to be dressed up directly, they tend to sleep a lot, so if you can glam up the places they like to be, this will give a similar effect to providing a costume. Why not make a Halloween cat area, full of toys, or custom beds such as pumpkin shapes they can sleep in.

10. Simple black cat

If you have a black cat you already have the best-dressed cat in the neighbourhood for a Halloween party. Your cat is already the perfect colour and no need to do anything else. The best perk of having a black cat is sharing pictures of them over the Halloween period without the need for costumes.